History: Pine Rivers RSL District Sub Branch Plaque

In early 2011 the President, Peter E. Mitchell and the Executive Committee suggested that a Sub Branch plaque be made. The plaque was to be distinct to the district, not generic in design.  All members were asked to participate and submit a design.  After many designs were looked at, the design, slightly modified, submitted by Mr. Jim Oakley was accepted. The design reflected on the Pine Rivers area and on historical military ties to the area. These were:

  • The blue sky and green grass of the local area
  • Darker green of the Moreton Bay Pine trees (Hoop Pine)
  • The two rivers represent the North and South Pine Rivers
  • The RAAF is represented by the WW2 Strathpine Airfield (A2) runway. This is now a main road known as Spitfire Avenue. The Spitfire plane has the Squadron Code designation of “TS” of 548 Squadron based in Pine Rivers. On 19th April 1944 two planes collided and crashed on a training flight over Youngs Crossing. Both pilots were killed in the accident. They were Squadron Leader Henry Wright and Sergeant Alan Chandler
  • The Australian Army is represented by the slouch hat and Rising Sun badge. This area was a major training area during WW2 with over 50,000 soldiers training in this area.
  • The RAN is represented by the Naval anchor
  • The RSL of Australia sits top center of the plaque. This is due to protocol that says that nothing should go above the crown
  • The Sub Branch was established in 1945
  • The scroll under gives our title